[Web Easy] How to password protect a folder

The password protection feature on the hosting account will protect the content at the folder-level; it does not protect single pages, unless the pages are in the protected folder.  For information on how to setup password protection for your account, please perform the following steps:

Note: The following instructions will assume you have a separate WebEasy album file created for your member’s content.




Step A: Creating a “members” folder


  1. Access your dashboard by going to http://panel.ihostnetworks.com
  2. Login with your domain name and password
  3. Click on the Website Control Panel icon under Services
  4. Click on the File Manager icon under Hosting
  5. Click the httpdocs folder
  6. Press the Add New Directory icon at the top
  7. Type in “Members” (without the quotes), press OK

Step B: Assigning username and passwords
    1.     While you are still logged into the website control panel, at the top of the page, click the Home link
2.     Click on the Web Directories icon under Hosting

  1. Click the “Members” folder
  2. Press the Protection tab
  3. Click the Add New User icon
  4. Assign a new username and password to the user, press OK
  5. Press Logout

    Note: Repeat Step 6 for additional users.

Step C: Uploading your members content


  1. Open WebEasy
  2. Load your member’s album file (your member’s content should be in a separate album file)
  3. From the menu bar, select Build -> Website (HTML)
  4. For package name, type in a name like “members”, “content”, etc.
  5. Press the Advanced tab
  6. Enable “Primary Page Definition, then select the icon to the right of it
  7. Select “Index.html” from the drop-down menu
  8. Press OK
  9. Press OK
  10. Press OK
  11. From the menu bar, select Tools -> Publish Assistant
  12. Select “Publish to your existing Web Hosting service or ISP” on the yellow cue card

Note: If you do not see this cue card, you will need to go to Tools -> Options, then checkmark “Show Cue Cards”

Select your Members package, press next

  1. Press the Connect button
  2. Press the Remote Access tab, and enter the following information:

            Profile: My Website (members)

Host name or IP address: yourdomain.ieasysite.com (e.g. if you domain is joespizza.com, it will read joespizza.ieasysite.com)

User Identifier: Your username (see welcome email)

User Password: Your password (see welcome email)


  1. Press the General tab, and enter the following information:

            Initial Remote Folder: httpdocs/members/

Initial Local Folder: (don’t touch)


  1. Press the WWW Site tab, and enter the following information:

            World Wide Web site URL: http://www.yourdomain.com

Primary Page: index.html


  1. Press OK
  2. Continue through the publisher and make sure to select the package for this customer you just build.

When you are done uploading your should be able to go to http://www.yourdomain.com/members/, and see a username / password prompt.  First enter incorrect credentials to ensure the content is secure.  If it does not let you in, enter the correct credentials to see your content.  

Note: Once you login, a cookie may be placed on your computer, so the next time you access the members area, you may not see a login page.




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