Uploading Your Site in Web Easy 8 Using iEasySite

If you have upgraded from Web Easy 7 to Web Easy 8 or 9 and used iEasySite in the past, you should see iEasySite as an option in the Publish Assistant. (See the images below for more details.

If you have installed Web Easy 8 on a new computer, or reinstalled the program, close Web Easy 8 and install the iEasySite Instant Publisher.

  1. After opening Web Easy 8, Click "Tools" Then "Publish Assistant" and you will see the cue card below:

  2. Click on "Publish Assistant" (see image above) - and you will get the Publish Assistant cue card (seen below).

  3. If you see "Publish with the other software (iEasySite)" as shown above, Uncheck the box that says "show again" and then press "Publish with the other software (iEasySite)"
  4. If you do not see "Publish with the other software (iEasySite)" - Close web easy 8 and download the install program for the Web Easy 8 Instant publisher
  5. Once you click to "publish with the other software", you can start uploading your web site or open a new account.  If your account with iEasySite is not listed in the publisher as an option to update your existing web site, you will need to perform an account recovery (see this article).

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