How to Build Your Website in Web Easy

Topic: No Website Package in Folder

The folder you selected does not have a website package...
This can be a result of several issues:
1. Your website packages are in a different folder:
If you built your Web Site to HTML in a different directory, press "OK" and select the "Browse" button and navigate to the directory where you built your HTML files.
2. You did not "build" your website to HTML:
With Web Easy you can save your website package, but before you publish your site you must build it to HTML.

To build your site to HTML, follow these steps...
  1. Open your website in Web Easy.
  2. Select "Build" from the tool bar, and press "Web Site (HTML)".
  3. Directory...
    • If you do not change the directory, the Instant Publisher will default to the correct folder.
    • If you change the directory where the website is built, take note, so you can use the "browse" button to find the directory in the Instant Publisher.
  4. Press "OK" to build your website to HTML.
  5. Use the Instant Publisher to upload your website to the Internet!

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