Using Manual Payment Processing

Already have a merchant account

If you have a merchant account for your bricks and mortar business, manual processing can work for you as well. With your e-store, you can take orders and periodically enter your sales into your point-of-sale terminal. Using this method will save you from having to signup for additional services.

Adjustable payment terms & payment periods

Even though most internet transactions are handled with a credit card, not all businesses work in this manner. For example, if you have repeat customers who are given Net 30 terms, they can place orders online and you can bill them later. You are able to offer your customers the convenience of placing Web orders without having to change your way of doing business.

Note about manual payment processing

One thing to keep in mind with manual processing is that orders are put on hold until you login and mark them as paid. If you are selling electronic downloads, your customers will not have access to their download until you log in to your control panel and process the order.

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