Customizing Your e-Store Template

Customize Template

The e-Store will allow you to change the color combination, font and background options for your template.  To begin, select the appropriate option on the left to begin customizing it.

Video Link: Select and customize an e-Store template

Colors: Each template comes with a number of different color sets you can choose from.  You can also create a color set of your own by pressing the color square under "Current Colors", which will open a color picker window.

Font: To change the font throughout the entire store, select a font in the list of available fonts.

Background: Some templates will come with a background image.  If you disable "Display Background Image" you can then choose a background color by pressing the left color square (the right square cannot be edited).  This will open a color picker window. 

Using the Color Picker: There are 4 ways to select a color using the color picker:

1. Manually - Use the color slider, and then drag the marker to a color
2. Enter RGB values (advanced)
3. Enter HEX values (advanced)
4. Select a predefined color

Once you have selected your color, press the "OK" button.

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