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File Downloads

To setup an electronic download, you can watch the video below our view the terms at the bottom of the page.

Upload a new file to the site:
Press the browse button, and select a file on your computer (Recommended).

Use a file I just copied into the "Files" folder:
If you have a large amount of files to upload, you can FTP them to the "files" folder in your eStore.
  You will need to type the exact file name of the following field.  For example: “my_music_sample.mp3”.

Friendly Title:
This is the name of the electronic download that shows up on the customer’s order.
 You can use the product name or actual file name.  This field is required before you can upload your file.

Available for:
Specifies how long the download will be available for.

Can be downloaded "X" times:
Specifies the number of times the file can be downloaded. If you are concerned about bandwidth, you may want to limit this value.

Tip: To upload multiple files, first create a zip file for these items, and then upload the zip file.

File Download Overview:
Step 1: A customer purchases a download from the store.
Step 2: The customer is automatically sent an email with a URL where they can redeem their download.
  This email will not have an unlock code.
Step 3: The store administrator will receive a new order email.
  They will need to verify the money has been received and then mark the order as "paid" (this may automatic for online credit card processing).
Step 4: Once the order has been marked "paid", the store will automatically email the customer their unlock code so they can redeem their download.

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