Uploading Your Site in Web Easy 9 or 10 Using iEasySite

Uploading Your Site in Web Easy 9 or 10 Using iEasySite

If you are using Web Easy 9 or 10 and would like to upload using the iEasySite Instant Publisher, you will need to download and install our publisher from our website at:

Before you run the program, please close out of Web Easy.  During the install, please select the option to add a desktop shortcut.

Upload Instructions:
1. Open Web Easy and load your document
2. Press the "Review and Tools" tab
3. Select "Build"
Note: Some versions of Web Easy 9 have the "Build" option under the Publish tab.

4. Uncheck "Publish on Internet"
5. Press OK
If prompted about overwriting your document, press OK
6. Minimize the Web Easy program

7. Double-click the "iEasySite Instant Publisher" icon on your Desktop (or go to Start > All Programs > iEasySite)

This will launch the iEasySite Instant Publisher.

If this is the first time you are uploading using Web Easy, you will need to perform a site recovery.  Otherwise, continue with the instructions below.

6. Select "Update an existing website", press Next
7. Press Next
8. Select your website, press Next
9. Checkmark your package, press Next

10. Select "Upload only changes to your web site", press Next
11. When the upload is finished, press "View Site Now" when the button becomes active

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